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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Consultation services: IELTS test taking skills

Fee: 10$ per hour
(Note: Consulation in group is possible. You can share cost with your friends up to 5 people. So, if you have 5 people, each of you will pay only $2 per hour. No more than 5 people is allowed.)

You can learn:
  • practical tips on how to score high in each test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking;
  • feasible tips on how to improve the four skills in the fast pace;
  • correct ways to practice in preparation for taking the real IELTS test;
  • and more...
Benefits of the consultation: You spend the money for what you need to know so that you will not waste it for something you have already known. Not only that you can save your money, but also your precious time since you will not lose it for studying unnecessary skills.

Should you have interest in this consultation service, please contact:
Email: camsastra@gmail.com
Tel: 012 543 773
Website: www.CamSastra.com


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